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Quintessente was born in the mid 90's with the proposal to play Heavy Metal with elements of Death, Doom and Gothic Metal, in addition to the influence of Progressive Rock. Since the beginning, the lyrics address reflections on the forces that rule the human nature and the universe.

The rehearsal "The Mask of Dead Innocence", disclosed in 1996, was the first record and it was composed of some studio recordings and other live recordings. Soon the band gained notoriety in Rio de Janeiro’s underground, going through a great period of gigs.

In 2000, the EP "Lonely Seas of a Dreamer” was released. Composed of 5 songs that marked the transition to a more atmospheric and symphonic sound style. The critics were extremely positive on the part of the specialized media and public.

Despite all its success, Quintessente interrupted its activities for some years until 2015, when the band retook the songwriting process, intending to release a full-length album, which was recorded between October 2016 and March 2017, entitled "Songs From Celestial Spheres”.

This new work gathers 10 compositions where the sonority embraces the most varied styles within Heavy Metal just like the stars with its different chemical structures, age, mass, luminosity and magnitude. The concept of Songs From Celestial Spheres is based on the relationship between man and sky. Over time, the observation of the sky brought the knowledge of the evolutionary dynamics and created correlations of human organizations and analogy of history and beliefs with the cosmic phenomena.

Let the firmament navigation begin! Behold the stars!

The band

Meet the musicians

André Carvalho


Cristiano Dias


Cristina Müller

Keyboards and Vocals

Leo Birigui


Luiz Fernando de Paula